who we are...

Imbue Winterguard was formed in September of 2008 and premiered in the winter season of 2009. 


In their WGI debut in 2009, Imbue missed a finals spot in the World Class by one placement.  Although dissapointing, it was still an encouraging experience for the team, being their first year in existence.  2009 served as a bench mark, and was the spring board to setting and acheiving many goals over the next few years. In 2010, the team took their next step by making WGI Semi Finals.  Through a lot of growth and change, Imbue made their first apearance in World Class finals at WGI in 2012.  Imbue has since made a total of 5 appearances in Finals!


Imbue still has some of the core members from 2009 performing and/or instructing the team, today.  While having a strong sense of history and connection to their roots, Imbue is taking leaps into its next chapter, creating a unique identity for itself  through choreography and excellence, and setting and accomplishing new ideas, concepts, and competitive goals. 


 Both the members and staff take pride in the quality of each performer as well as a commonality of a substansial work ethic.  Therefore, each performer must audition and be offered a spot with the group.  Hard work and improvement is key, and is the foundation of choosing our membership.  Imbue strives to customize the role of each performer, and works to find the balance between challenge and success for both the individual and the team.


 All the while, Imbue can best be described as a family, and it is truly a special group to be apart of.  The entire organization has shared tears and many laughs, and can't wait to embark on the next journey, together!  We hope to see you at the upcoming auditions, and would love to warmly welcome you to the family!